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headhunting in the Offshore industry

Headhunting in the Offshore industry

For headhunting in the offshore industry Human Forza Group (HFG) is the right choice. In our organisation we have extensive, specialised knowledge and experience at our disposal in the field of headhunting for vacancies in the offshore industry.

Headhunting for ánd by professionals in the offshore industry

Headhunting for offshore professionals by our organisation is also performed bý offshore professionals, with a proven trackrecord in the field of headhunting. We believe that both those fields of experience are necessary to be able to deliver professional and quality results throughout the specific headhunting process in the offshore industry.

Based on their specific knowledge and experience in the offshore industry our headhunting consultants are able to select the right candidate for every position in the offshore industry. Therefore personal interviews with candidates are essential in our headhunting process, resulting in clear reports with regard to the specific skills, experience and the motivation of professionals in the offshore industry.

Why choose HFG for headhunting in the offshore industry ?

  • Our headhunting consultants know the offshore industry;
  • Throughout our headhunting process you have one professional business contact;
  • With us you only pay for results (no cure, no pay);
  • We work with meticulous and transparant headhunting procedures;
  • Our headhunting consultants for the offshore industry gladly are a sparring partner for you;
  • Our customers in the offshore industry know us as reliable, focussed on quality and professional;
  • Our headhunting process is based on ´Recruitment 2.0` at which professional use is made of the Social Media.

For more information about our headhunting activities in the offshore industry, contact Mr. M.E. (Marco) de Vrijer MBA

For headhunting in the Offshore industry... HFG !


Met behulp van het inschrijfformulier, word je opgenomen in ons geautomatiseerde kandidatenbestand. Om je inschrijving goed te laten verlopen, verzoeken wij je alle velden in te vullen.

Gezien onze opdrachtenportefeuille verwachten wij minimaal hbo-niveau en 3 jaar werkervaring.


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Branche Manager

M.E. (Marco) de Vrijer, MBA
Branche Manager
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